Parkinson’s Awareness Month: What a month for the Harmons

23 Apr


There is so much to talk about in the month of April, Parkinson’s awareness, our tournament results, new people we have met, old friends and new, the Michael J Fox MVP dinner and Kate’s first fundraiser. So instead of making this a super long post I will begin an April series of posts about Parkinson’s Awareness month and how the Harmons spent their month.
I want to start with the most rewarding event for me personally, Kate’s first fundraiser “Pints for Parkinson’s.” I know Kate has shared her thoughts and some of the results with you. All of that is so rewarding. But for me the most important part of it all was to watch and share her engagement in our journey. Yes, she is the driving force for the blog site. Yes, she and Emily and Cecily break their collective asses to make our golf event happen. Yes, all of the family have joined Fox Trial Finder. Yes, Emily and Kate share our journey with those at their workplaces, which have led to other people on this Parkinson’s journey knowing “THEY ARE NOT ALONE”. Yes, Kate and Emily are walking in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk on April 27 for Team Ryan’s Hope.

For the first time she was not doing something for me. While it is easy to say “I am raising money and awareness for all those with Parkinson’s,” really people join our journey because PD has stolen its way into our lives. But this event was somewhat different for me. Yes, PD is in her life. But, Kate came up with the idea for the event. She planned it, sweated bullets about it’s success, executed the many details to put on any event, and most importantly dedicated the effort to a friend’s grandmother who recently passed away after 30 years of living with PD, not 30 years of dying from it. It was not about me.
Oh yeah, the surprise part was pretty cool. I created a family of liars (Emily, Cecily, John and me) to fool one of the best investigative journalists I know. The only thing I didn’t do was ride in the trunk from north Jersey. Our entry into the Holy Hound was a true “Kodak” moment that we will all remember the rest of our lives.

Kate spoke of the many friends who drove more that 3 hours (one way). John, Nancy, and Laura met Kate through knowing me. But, that is not why they came to the event. They came because they knew her. She has become a warrior against Parkinson’s. Not because she has it, but because she wants to help stop it now. Not tomorrow, NOW. Yes, she is just like the many kids and spouses who help us on our journey. But she is my WARRIOR and my ANGEL.

Thank you Kate for all you do but more importantly for who you are.

FOUR SHOES ON AGAIN (mine and Kate’s).

One Response to “Parkinson’s Awareness Month: What a month for the Harmons”

  1. FRANK LACAPRUCIA April 23, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    you guys are the best ,thats why we love you all. love frank deenise /xoxoxoxozx

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