Parkinson’s conference brings researchers to talk advances

Last week, during the sixth annual Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Therapeutics Conference more than 225 researchers from all over the world came together to talk about Parkinson’s research.

What I didn’t know before reading a Michael J. Fox Foundation blog, is that to get a drug to pharmacy shelves takes on average 15-30 years, and $1 billion.

Dad’s always said if you can cure the symptoms he’s having, it’s almost as good as curing Parkinson’s — as long as it’s manageable  So at this conference last week they talked about a few advancements regarding the treatment of dyskinesia. What’s that you ask? It’s easiest to understand if you’ve seen Michael J. Fox do an interview. It’s the movement his body does and it’s caused by over-medicating.

In theory, if you can treat that, can’t you just keep over-medicating the rest of the symptoms?

They also talked about the alpha synuclein study I blogged about the other day.

Do you follow Parkinson’s research? How do you filter through it all?





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