Walk, run or bike and raise money for Parkinson’s research


Do you have a smartphone and like to walk, run or bike? Do you have the same opinion that I’ve had my whole life that I can change the world — even in some small way?

Then why aren’t you using Charity Miles? Let me catch you up.

With Charity Miles, all you have to do is enable the GPS on your phone and every step you take adds up to money that will be given to a handful of national charities.

Our family learned about Charity Miles through the man behind it, Gene Gurkoff, who is a Team Fox mentor with dad. Gene’s grandfather has Parkinson’s disease and for the past 10 years he’s been doing running to raise money and awareness. He’s worked with Team Fox, and wanted to make a way to get corporations to help fund research.

It’s easy. Just turn the app on your phone and go. When you’re done, you accept the sponsorship and post the miles on your social media networks. Walking and running is 25 cents per mile, biking is 10 cents per mile. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but a 2 mile walk can fund 3 minutes of Parkinson’s research with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Plus exercise is really good for all of us, not to mention Parkinson’s patients. You can even do it while golfing like someone I know does.

I asked Gene months ago why he started this, and his answer was simple:

“Our goal is to change the world. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. We want to cure diseases, fight hunger and end global warming. And the way we aim to do that is by helping companies direct their marketing budgets toward pro-social causes. They already want to do this. But they need to be able to justify it from a corporate perspective as well. So we’re trying to create a platform to help them do that .. and to allow them to help us change the world.”

What did you do today? Oh, just funded some research that will lead to a cure. No biggie.


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