We do have choices – To be optimistic or not

For those who have read my story, you know that with my wife’s gentle guidance, I moved through all of the stages of “mourning” in an instant.

From that moment on, I chose to actively look for the positive in everything. Yes, I know there is no cure, but there will be in my life. Yes joining a drug trial to find new drugs that relieve symptoms or may be a cure can be scary, but without our help they can’t help us. Get the picture!!!

I heard Michael J Fox speak one time and he said it better than I can. He said “If you get caught up in worrying about the worst case scenario and it doesn’t happen you have wasted your time; and if it does happen you’ve lived it twice.”

So am I a Pollyanna (probably dated myself as not having YOPD). No way, I am realistic.

There are no promises of what tomorrow will bring, so why worry. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try to better my odds. I do some form of exercise every day. Be it Tai Chi or golf, whether I feel good or not, I do something to help this body beat back the beast. I will not let PD take away one finger tap or toe tap without me doing something to prevent it.

I’m not a John Ryan or one of the many runners who perform miracles by running distance races with Parkinson’s. That is not my game. But I can last longer on a golf course than most healthy people (up to 54 holes in a day).

One small thing you can do many times a day to help yourself and others around you. When you are asked how you are doing, answer “Fantastic.” Why, it will make you feel good and make them feel good, or it will at least make that person think about your response. There are few guaranties in life, but I guaranty this response to a simply question is powerful.

Doctors always say that positive outlook is powerful medicine in a medical crisis. Well this is a medical crisis we find ourselves in. So help the doctors out, be positive.

You will find as you read my posts, I borrow sayings from smart people. I watched Bill Geist’s documentary about his family’s journey. One of the people he interviewed said “Two shoes on, again.”  That is my daily mantra.

So what is this all about. Attitude, activity, optimism (did I mention attitude).





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