Telling stories is what I do. Let me tell yours

Here’s me reporting a story from a hospital. Let’s tell a different story. One working toward a cure.

When I started this blog, I knew once it got some momentum I had a plan.From my work as a newspaper editor, I know that I want us to be posting at least three times a week.

It sounded daunting to my dad, but one of my ideas was to use one of those weekly posts to tell someone else’s story.

Because that’s kinda what I do.

And momentum we have, because we’ve hit more than 730 views in about a month! So thank you.

Then this week, the Michael J Fox Foundation posted this Tell Your Story app on their Facebook page.

Mom and I put our stories on there, and the gist is that for every Facebook “like” or “share” each post gets within the app, UCB is donating $5 to the Foundation. Up to $60,000. Easy money, right? (So do it)

Now, I can’t offer money. But, the idea I’ve been tossing around is that I’d like to start telling other people’s stories on this blog.

I’m hoping to get some of it started this weekend as I’m heading to New Jersey to visit John and Barbara Ryan and attend Nancy Mulhearn’s Leave Parkinson’s Behind event.

The stories I tell don’t have to be those of Parkinson’s patients. I’d like to tell stories like mine — of children, of loved ones, of friends who care to help out.

Fighting Parkinson’s is such a personal thing. It’s about connections. I have friends who donate to my father’s event just because he’s my father. And yes, finding a cure for any disease is a great thing, but there are so many options. It’s the personal connection that helps them pick our cause.

Anyone want to let me tell their story? Doesn’t have to be long or detailed, it’s up to you. I just want to be able to show more faces of this disease other than just mine and my family.


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