Part of the journey is sharing the burden

We’re family. We share the good times and the bad.
While I was home last week, Dad had a list of things related to the blog, website and Facebook page that he wanted me to tackle.

But on Sunday night, he, Mom and I got into a conversation at dinner about ideas for blog posts and where we want this to go.

Somehow, we started talking about how Dad wasn’t really comfortable with giving his input on studies and news on the blog. It’s his prerogative, but I pointed out he’s already doing this in real life. No one expects him to know everything, but people share things they read with him and ask his opinion. He’s obviously not a doctor, but his opinion matters to people, and why not see if more people can benefit from that? He can share the studies, and news and just tell people his thoughts while providing them access to the same information.

Then Mom and Dad both said they only want to post about positive things and with humor, which I strongly disagreed with.

I’m not saying I want to post every day complaining about life or Parkinson’s, but I think it would be dishonest to not share our struggles with our readers.

If I were reading about someone else’s life with Parkinson’s and it was always rainbows and unicorns, I probably would have a hard time relating. We’re often optimistic, yes. And we try to laugh about most things. But there are times where Dad has a bad day. There are days where Mom has one, or me, or Emily.

Why should we hide that from our readers? It doesn’t make our story any worse or less interesting. It’s real. I would tell anyone who tells me they don’t have bad days they’re lying to me or themselves.

The night’s talk ended in some tears, when Dad admitted it’s his disease and I got slightly upset about it. I pointed out, it’s not just his disease, it’s all of ours. And he said it’s his burden to carry.

But it’s not. I told him that, and I hope he believes me. It’s all of our burden, and we’re all willing to carry it together — through the humor, the good days, and the bad. We’re a family. Sure, I’d rather have good days, but the bad days happen. And others can benefit from knowing they’re not alone in having them.


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