We’re growing: Blog featured on Michael J Fox Foundation site

In case you missed it, Bob’s recent post “It’s M-D, not G-O-D” was featured on the Michael J Fox Foundation blog!

I got a Twitter message from someone with Team Fox asking if we could share it, to which I replied “of course” while asking if they could promote our family blog and Facebook page.

The post came with links to our page, blog and a shiny picture of Bob and Cecily.

When Stephanie, from Team Fox, and I were emailing back and forth, I apologized for flooding their Twitter and FB pages with links to our stuff. She wrote back saying they need more people like us willing to share and promote the cause.

Guess it’s case and point that Dad’s blog when they promoted it on their Facebook page got more than 170 “likes” and 12 shares.

Since we started this blog, Dad and I have been competitive about numbers and reaching people. He likes to call and brag about having the most hits on a single day. Having started the blog in October, we’ve almost hit 1,400 views. Thanks for reading!

Our Facebook page reaches about 460 people a week, with a possible reach of 14,000 if you share our posts with your friends. Please share the stuff you like and help us reach more people.

What would you like to see on our blog?


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