How long did it take for your diagnosis?

Recently on Facebook, the Michael J Fox Foundation asked its followers “How many years or doctors did it take to confirm your Parkinson’s diagnosis?”

I found it really interesting, and more 165 people responded. It’s sad to read. I saw lots of posts saying 6-7 years, one person said 22 doctors. Others say 14 years. Another says one doctor, 20 seconds.

That’s how Dad says his neurologist finally diagnosed him. He walked in after not being able to get a diagnosis, and the doctor says: You’re here because you have Parkinson’s.

Some said they were frustrated by how long it took. That their doctors should have known. Others wrote they waited too long to go to the doctor. Or they didn’t take their GP’s advice to go see a neurologist.

It reminded me a of a blog I did awhile back for the 20-somethings blog at work.

According to WebMD survey, 45 percent of patients lie to their doctors. What do they lie about? Following doctors’ orders, diet and exercise, smoking, symptoms, pain, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual history, and more.

How long did it take for you to be diagnosed? Were you honest with yourself and your doctor along the way?



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