Stepping outside of my comfort zone to raise money for Parkinson’s

Emily and I will be walking together to help find a cure for Dad.
Emily and I will be walking together to help find a cure for Dad.

I’m not going to lie. I am somewhat of a hypocrite.

Ever since we started this blog, I’ve been pushing the family to talk about things that don’t come naturally for them. It’s easy for me, because I’ve always been a writer. And when it comes to many topics, I’m an open book.

But for them, there’s been some resistance. It’s stepping outside of their comfort zones, but doing so for a greater purpose — to show people what life with Parkinson’s is like. And that they’re not alone.

Now I feel like it’s me stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Having a loved one with Parkinson’s isn’t easy. But it’s always been easy for me (and my family and friends) to stand behind my Dad. How could we not?

My support has been focused mainly on financial support of his tournament; donations in his honor; and supporting his friends and their efforts to raise money. Then there’s blogging, social media and our website — all easy to define and stay hidden behind the Internet.

Doing the Parkinson’s Unity Walk is the first time I’m asking people to help me: to fund me and my efforts. And it feels weird.

Usually, it’s me saying: Got a few dollars, support my Dad. And everyone loves Bob. He’s got friends everywhere he goes (family joke).

I don’t doubt that my family and friends will support me (as many of them already have), it’s just foreign to me to ask. I want to approach everyone face to face and ask them to help, not send out emails like I have done to some friends who don’t live around here.

Either way, I’ll do it. I set my goal, and I hope to make it. I also realize it’s OK if I don’t. Because any money I raise, is money that wasn’t there before.

Who says stepping outside your comfort zone is a bad thing? I imagine having Parkinson’s is out of everyone’s comfort zones. And I know a lot of people with PD who are kicking butt and taking names.

And we’re all doing what we can to find a cure.

Here’s my fundraising page for anyone who’s interested.


3 thoughts on “Stepping outside of my comfort zone to raise money for Parkinson’s

  1. I know how you feel. Your dad has inspired me to help with his golf tournament. I’ve asked a couple of businesses for donations and it is sooo out of my “comfort zone.” But, then, not much gets accomplished if we don’t step out! Thanks.

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