Phone apps to help manage your Parkinson’s

I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted to my iPhone. And while I use it mostly for things like email, Twitter and Facebook, I’ve found that there are many apps you can download to help with Parkinson’s.

I used my iPhone to search for these, but if you have a Droid, try searching for Parkinson’s.

Here are some that I came across that are free:

PD Life – Seems to be a really well-rounded app to help patients and caregivers alike. It can record all of your medications and dosages; schedule reminders for meds; track your on/off periods; track and report symptoms and side effects; and report your “PD life score.”

You can take your phone to your doctor’s appointments and it’ll help you keep track of things.

Also, it enables to you opt in to have your data sent anonymously to the database. It would help collect data for surveys and research.

Speechie – It’s a text to voice app, which could be helpful for those losing the strength in their voice. By typing what you want to say, you can choose a voice that best suits you and let it speak up for you.

Lift Pulse – Monitors your tremors and calculates its magnitudes. You can set your baseline and then measure during off periods or days to compare. Could be useful to take to your doctors.

Parkinson’s Toolkit – This app from the National Parkinson’s Foundation is for physicians who treat those with Parkinson’s, which I thought was cool. It looks at key issues, symptoms, planning, treatment and billing info.

I’ve read a lot of other things about apps that could be on the horizon that should be cool. More of these future apps could help with monitoring symptoms (like tremors).

Our Charity Miles friend Gene Gurkoff had an article in the Huffington Post talking about what phone apps could do for Parkinson’s. He talks about how one day phones might be used to detect tremors and facial hypokinesia using your camera.

Maybe all this new-fangled technology isn’t all bad?


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