Putting things into perspective on a bad day

I guess not everyone is cool enough to have ice packs at work..
I guess not everyone is cool enough to have ice packs at work..

Last Monday I was walking down the stairs and my “good” knee popped a few times and gave out — causing me to fall down the stairs much to the pizza man’s dismay.

I’ve been pretty whiny and miserable since then, walking for a few days with a cane and now with an Ace bandage and ice. I imagine it’s a sprain, but nonetheless, it’s been stressing me out really badly.

I want to exercise. I want to walk down stairs normally. I don’t want to wait weeks for it to heal.

A few nights I’ve laid in bed unable to sleep as my knee aches and just been angry. Thinking why does this always happen to me?

After I posted about it on social media, I got a message from John Ryan and the people at Parkinson’s Unity Walk. They both said they expected me to be there even with a limp. And John (and my sister) offered to push me through the course in a wheelchair if they had to.

I know it’s silly, but sometimes I forget that these things in life hopefully will be passing. My knee will heal. I’ll be able to exercise again (until the next time I fall or whatever).

But people with Parkinson’s can’t just wake up and be cured. At least not yet.

Sure they have good days. But they always have Parkinson’s. And a lot of those I know who have it don’t complain about it as much as I complain about my knees.

Guess it’s worth reminding myself sometimes that I’m lucky with everything that I have and should be grateful.

What do you do when your health or Parkinson’s gets you down?


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