How do you fight Parkinson’s daily: The fundraiser

Cue the bugles… it’s time to announce the April fundraiser from Parkinson’s Cure Research Funding.

That is, the online fundraiser that is not Bob’s golf tournament (April 6), Kate’s Pints for Parkinson’s (April 15), and Kate and Emily’s participating in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in NYC (April 27).

So yeah, April is a busy month. But it’s also Parkinson’s awareness month.

What can you do to throw a few dollars to the cause without having to open your wallets?

You can tell us “How you do it.” The idea stems from a question someone asked me recently, and I wasn’t sure how to answer it. I just do.

For the month of April, each response to this form will get a $5 donation added to the Golf for the Cure tournament Bob is hosting. The cap is at $500.

That’s right. All you have to do is tell us how you: get up every day with Parkinson’s and keep moving forward. Or how you run marathons, hold fundraisers, act as a caregiver, spread the word. Or even just have the courage to be brave for your loved ones.

The form asks for your email and name, but that won’t be made public. As we get entries, we may choose to post them on our blog. You can choose the name you want it to go under (in case you’re uncomfortable with your full name).

Then the Harmons will donate $5 to the Michael J Fox Foundation for each entry made until April 30.

Sounds easy, right? Any questions, let me know.

Until then, get going and let’s make some money by telling our stories.



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