The Harmon family goes national

Yep. The unstoppable Harmons.
Yep. The unstoppable Harmons.

In case you didn’t see it on the Michael J Fox Foundation site already, the Harmons are UNSTOPPABLE. And national.

We were interviewed by the foundation for its Father’s Day promotion — families doing awesome things for an awesome Dad.

The post is called: For the Unstoppable Harmon Family, Every Day Is Father’s Day.

It mentions, of course Bob! And Cecily and her PPMI trial. It mentions Emily and me as awesome daughters. It brings up Dad’s $50,000 in this year alone from his golf tournament and my Pints for Parkinson’s.

All in all, a great story of a family I’m proud to be a part of.

And yet there’s still so much more we can say about it. Dad’s also a Team Fox mentor and has helped others with their events. He and Mom also run a monthly support group.

I don't think Em gets enough credit for rocking.
I don’t think Em gets enough credit for rocking.

Emily and I participated in the Unity Walk together this April, and together brought in about $3,600 for the walk, which benefits the foundation, as well.

Parkinson’s is a funny thing. It sucks and it goes after people you love. But in the end, for us, I think it’s brought us so much closer. It’s enabled us to talk openly and about things we probably would have never done.

I am so honored to be a Harmon. I love you Emily, Mom and Dad.



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