Even more big news about the Harmons, Parkinson’s and the media

The awesome, unstoppable Harmons.
The awesome, unstoppable Harmons.

Not only did the Harmons go national, but the Michael J Fox Foundation also had me write 200 words that were sent out in an email from the foundation.

That email went out on Wednesday, encouraging people to read the blog about us and asking them to join us by sending a Father’s Day e-card with a donation to the foundation. As of this afternoon, I was told they’ve had 19 cards mailed and more than $2,000 donated. In just one day!

Not only that, but today the Huffington Post picked up my email and the blog about our family and put me on their site. Seriously!? Big news. Not only will that post reach so many people we couldn’t reach on our own, but the HuffPo now allows me to submit blogs on behalf of the family and Parkinson’s and share our story with so many more people.

Maybe it’s the media person in me, but I am so excited over this development. And I can’t thank the Michael J Fox Foundation (Holly and everyone!) and my awesome, unstoppable family.

Click more to see the email that was sent out, and what the first draft was that I didn’t choose.

Here’s what I ended up with for the email:

It would have been easy for my family to decide seven years ago that we were going to sit back and let Parkinson’s be.

But as someone who still sees her father as invincible, why would we?

We shared our story of hope with the FoxFeed Blog this week. Because we’re not just one family fighting against a faceless enemy. We’re part of something much bigger.

We are not alone. With The Michael J. Fox Foundation, we have found a way to fight for our cause, a cause we share with so many others. And a chance to bring about change.

Through fundraising and events, awareness, research participation, supporting each other and the Parkinson’s community, and spreading the word we will find a cure. Maybe not in my dad’s lifetime, but in ours.

Together we are a powerful adversary and we can change the world.

I hope my family’s story will inspire you to make this the year you take action against Parkinson’s disease. Give a Father’s Day e-card from The Michael J. Fox Foundation – it’s a wonderful way to honor your own dad, and every father and family living with Parkinson’s disease.

And here’s the first attempt at the email and we ended up not choosing:

I still see my father the way I did when I was a child: bigger than life, brave and super human. I know that Parkinson’s may take that from him, and from us. But until then, as a daughter and as a family, we can do everything in our power to fight that outcome. To raise money, support a cure, support each other and the PD community.

Seven years into this journey, the Michael J Fox Foundation gives us hope. It gives me hope. We know what the future may bring, and we may not be able to stop that in his lifetime. But I know we can help the foundation do it in our lifetime.

The Michael J Fox Foundation is our hope, our strength, our way to fight back — for ordinary people to come together and be bigger than life. Changing the world may not be possible for one of us, but for all of us, it is.

So join us on Father’s Day and every other day, so little girls don’t have to lose sight of their heroes.


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