Better late than never: The amazing Tips for Parkinson’s

The famous Sue Bilotta.
The famous Sue Bilotta.
I apologize for being MIA on the blog lately. It’s been a busy few weeks at work and I feel like I’ve been in a lull of great Parkinson’s stuff.

Whiny, I know.

So to jump back in time a bit, I’d like to gush over an awesome event I attended in New York City last month. That’s right, I’m talking the famous Sue Bilotta’s Tips for Parkinson’s.

Seriously, Sue is amazing. And her event raised $260,000 for the Michael J Fox Foundation. Not only that, but it was a serious blast.

Tips for Parkinson’s is a giant party. There were different bartending teams working for periods of time, trying to raise the most money from drinks. And there was food EVERYWHERE. Delicious desserts, lobster subs, steak sandwiches, a giant cheese table, and more. The items that Sue had for auction were amazing, too. All this signed sports memorabilia and amazing trips. And the whole night was tech savvy. From bidding via QR code and iPads, to a running tally of bids, it was cool to see. Plus there was music, dancing and in the end people got to sing with a band.

Did I end up doing it? Yes. Duh. You’d be shocked to know it was Sweet Home Alabama. Only because they didn’t know Don’t Stop Believing. And yes, there’s video.

Just chilling at the Michael J Fox Foundation.
Just chilling at the Michael J Fox Foundation.

But for me, the best part of the whole night was catching up with the awesome people in my life, and meeting new ones. I stayed with Nancy Mulhearn, who is amazing and one of the people who drove down for my Parkinson’s event. She, her daughter and I got to visit the Michael J Fox Foundation and get a tour. People were coming out of the woodwork to meet us like we were something special. Plus I got to see all my MJFF favorites: Holly, Sam, the Stephanies, Kristina and my new friend Trisha, who turns out to be a Spider alum, too.

Me, Sam Fox and John Ryan. Unstoppable.
Me, Sam Fox and John Ryan. Unstoppable.

Of course at the event, I got to see some of my favorites: John and Barbara Ryan! I got to tease John’s brother a bit and hang with Gene Gurkoff from Charity Miles — whose awesome fundraising app was celebrating its one year birthday.

Another highlight was the fact that I was joined by my old friend, Stephanie Mlot. As everyone there knows (since I said it every time I introduced her), I haven’t seen Stephanie since a few years after Sewanne writing camp when we were in middle school. Now we’re both in journalism. Small world.

Not only was it great to catch up, but I really think she enjoyed the fundraiser. Plus, she got to meet Gene, and now her website PC Mag did a story on Charity Miles. It’s all about spreading the word and having an amazing time doing so.

All in all, I was so honored to be a part of Sue’s event. Between the great company and cause, it was just what I needed last month. I’ve been feeling down and stressed at work and in life, and I needed my family. Since my blood family is so far away, I was able to reach out to my Parkinson’s family. I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

Since then, it was a great few weeks with a lot of national Parkinson’s attention on the MJFF and my family. What a month June was.

Now, what should be our next endeavor? And when can I see my Parkinson’s family again?

Barbara Ryan, Stephanie Mlot, Marissa Mulhearn and me
Barbara Ryan, Stephanie Mlot, Marissa Mulhearn and me

3 thoughts on “Better late than never: The amazing Tips for Parkinson’s

  1. So, people wanted to meet you like you were something special? Well, YOU ARE! Keep your chin up–June seemed to be a “rough” month for some reason. Love your posts! Thank you again.

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