Want to run in the NYC Marathon? Do it for Team Fox

Run the NYC Marathon for Team Fox and I'll make you a cool sign like this!
Run the NYC Marathon for Team Fox and I’ll make you a cool sign like this!

Were you thinking about doing the NYC Marathon but still sitting on the sidelines about it? I’ll make you a deal.

I can’t run the marathon. I’d die and my legs would fall off. So if you do it, and do it for Team Fox — I’ll be there for you.

Dad and I will be in NYC with a sign for you and maybe even bells on. He’ll be a little cold, too. We promise.

Check out the registration page, and if you’re interested, here’s info on the running coaches working with Team Fox.

Not only will you be running in the NYC Marathon AND get to see me and Dad, but you’ll be a part of a great team of runners.

Team Fox posted some info on a few of the group’s runners, and I can tell you from personal experience there are many more.

Among them will be:

Stephanie Paddock, who you may remember came down to represent Team Fox at dad’s tournament

Susan Bilotta, who raised A LOT of money for the foundation at her Tips for Parkinson’s event

Matt Mitchell, who’s a Team Fox mentor with Dad. I couldn’t find a mention of this in our blog so far, so let me tell you a little story about Matt. In April 2012, Dad and Matt met at a Team Fox mentor training session in NYC. That weekend, he talked to me on the phone about the wonderful experience. In the course of that talk, he mentioned to me that he was telling the group that he always tells people “You are not alone.” But no one had told him that before. Matt turned to Dad and told him he wasn’t alone.

And of course, there’s John Ryan — who’s frequently mentioned on the blog. The Harmons and Ryans are great friends (family even), and Dad and John are there for each other always. Months ago, they were talking about running and the marathon and how it might be John’s last. Dad told him that if he ran, Dad would be there. And John said, you come, and I’ll run.

There will be plenty of other people I know running probably, as well as new friends we can meet throughout the way. But if you can run and have always wanted to do the NYC Marathon, we’ll do it with you. As a team.


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