York: Where do we go from here?

Want to help me make this year's Pints for Parkinson's better than last? (Photo by John Ryan)
Want to help me make this year’s Pints for Parkinson’s better than last? (Photo by John Ryan)

I could give you lots of excuses about where I’ve been instead of blogging, but they’re just excuses. Work has been busy, life has been busy. Yadda yadda yadda.

Instead, I’ll just jump right into what’s been bouncing around in my brain lately — this year’s Pints for Parkinson’s.

I want to be bigger and better this year, and I’m struggling with direction. So I ask you: friends, family , York …

Where do we go from here?

I’ve thought about upping the ante and making the event into more of a bar crawl with several bars all in walking distance (if the bars will play ball). I’ve thought about what I could do to raise more money — raffles, auctions, more music, art, etc. Then there’s the whole idea of reaching out to find more people. Then my brain gets a little overwhelmed and I worry that I can’t do it. That maybe I can’t raise more than $3,000. What if it was just a one-time deal?

But I refuse to let that stop me. If my Dad and my friends can get up daily to fight PD, I can deal with a little fear of failure. So what should I do to make this year’s Pints for Parkinson’s better?

Yes, I would like to raise more money. But what’s the most important thing to me is increasing our impact. How do we find those people who need to know about Parkinson’s? Or find those people who think they’re alone dealing with PD? How do we find them, get them through the door and tell them they are not alone? It’s a question I’ve posed before on this blog.

Hit me up with your thoughts. I’m open to all ideas.


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