Where have we been?

I know, I know. No one likes a blog post that starts off … Sorry for being MIA lately, but. And here it is. There are plenty of excuses of where I’ve been, what the family has been up to, etc. But what it comes down for me personally, is that work has been insane and I’ve been missing out on my PD family.

Let me catch you up with what’s been happening.

Meet the Vanek family: Emily, Sherri, Ben and Michael
Meet the Vanek family: Emily, Sherri, Ben and Michael

Recently, I had the honor of interview the Vanek family for the Michael J Fox Foundation’s blog. The dad, Michael, has PD and is participating in every trial he can. It was seriously one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite story I’ve written for the blog. Why? Honestly, I’m not sure. But I think it has to do with the innocence of the children in the family.

Little Ben, 6, goes to bed every night praying that “daddy’s Parkinson’s” go away. He doesn’t know what that means really. Nor does he understand that his dad is playing an active role in the cure.

Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 33. His wife, Sherri, said his progression was slow at first, but now he struggles with “typical” PD issues. Their 9-year-old daughter, Emily, really likes helping her dad with tying his shoes and buttoning his shirts. It’s a “typical,” amazing story of a person and family in the fight against PD. But what really stands out to me is the kids. One day, they’ll fully understand how strong their dad is, and what he’s doing to help cure those like him.

Other than blogging, I’ve been missing out on the PD life these days. Next weekend though, I’ll be heading to Nancy’s gala — Leave Parkinson’s Behind. I cannot wait. I get to see the Team Fox family, and stay with the Ryans. Things have been insane at work lately as I switched to a super early morning shift after eight years on nights. It’s been pretty stressful, so this break will be just what I need. If I can’t see my parents and Emily, at least I can see my second family.

Then, two weeks later, it’s time for the 5th Annual Golf for the Cure for Parkinson’s Disease. I can’t wait to head home to help my Dad pull off another amazing feat. The outpouring of generosity and love from the community and our friends is something I struggle to put into words. Dad says we’re not going to make as much as last year (when we broke $50,000), but every single donation helps us one step closer to the cure. And the Lake Ashton community always comes out in force.

Dad seems to be taking it a little easier this year, which I think is good! By letting more people help, and delegating some tasks away, hopefully it’ll help from the stress and fatigue of the day. He admitted last year’s event was a little stressful.

Want to donate? Here’s Dad’s Team Fox page.


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